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Some Park Facilities Still Closed Following Flood

George Washington Memorial Parkway

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Park staff mobilized quickly to protect park resources and visitors during the mid-March flooding along the Potomac River. Great Falls Park in Virginia and Theodore Roosevelt Island in D.C. (and adjacent parking in Virginia) were closed to address visitor safety concerns for several days starting on Saturday, March 13th. Park staff used sandbags to mitigate potential flooding at Great Falls Visitor Center and monitored trail and site conditions while on foot patrols. Staff informed the public about how flooding might affect recreational visits/commutes, asked people to respect closed areas, and suggested visitors remain observant for standing water, mud and obstructions on trails in the park. Flooding was expected due to heavy rainfall combined with snowmelt in the upper watershed of the Potomac River. Rising water carried extremely hazardous debris, trees, and man-made objects. High winds associated with the moving storm and water-logged soils caused concerns about the uprooting of trees and falling branches. Here’s the current status of park facilities:

  • Great Falls Park, Virginia – The park is open, but some trails are still closed due to fallen trees and flood debris. Fisherman’s Eddy is closed until further notice due to flood debris.
  • Theodore Roosevelt Island, Washington, D.C. (and adjacent parking near Arlington, Virginia) – Open.
  • Mount Vernon Trail – Open, but some sections of the 18.5-mile trail may still be covered by flood debris.
  • Potomac Heritage Trail – This 10-mile trail is open, but sections may be muddy.
For more information, call 703-289-2500.


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