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Wanted Sex Offender Arrested In Park

Coronado National Memorial

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A Coronado ranger made an apprehension in the park this week of a Mexican national who was wanted as a fugitive from justice. Just before 8 a.m. on March 21st, rangers received information that a load of marijuana had been found in Ash Canyon on US Forest Service lands adjacent to and north of the park. They also learned that the “mules” who were moving the drugs had abandoned the load and fled south towards the park. A ranger on targeted patrol who began looking for southbound persons located one man in the park and apprehended him without incident. The man was wearing dark clothing and in possession of a black balaclava of the type commonly used by smugglers. He was turned over to the Border Patrol. A criminal history check revealed that he had an extensive criminal history, including an outstanding warrant against him for violation of parole. The criminal history went back over ten years and most recently included a charge of attempted rape. It’s not known if this man was involved with the drug load found in Ash Canyon, but, due to timing, location, clothing and direction of travel, it is highly plausible.


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