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Taser Employed To End Confrontation With Barricaded Man

Chickasaw National Recreation Area

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The Murray County Sheriff’s Department contacted the park early on the afternoon of March 14th and asked for help in a high speed pursuit. Ranger Dale Culver responded. While en route, Culver learned that the Oklahoma Highway Patrol had executed a police interdiction technique to stop the car, resulting in an accident eight miles from the park’s boundary. Culver was also informed that the operator had barricaded himself in his vehicle and that he was armed with a night stick and a large knife. When he arrived on scene, he found officers from three other agencies holding the man at gunpoint. Culver was the only one with a taser, which is standard issue at Chickasaw, so tried to end the confrontation by tasering him through an open window in the truck. Culver couldn’t hit him, though, so a second window was broken out. This time Culver got in a clear shot. The man still refused to drop the knife, so Culver fired it again. This time the man complied and was taken into custody without further incident. Numerous charges are pending against the man, including assault on a state officer with a deadly weapon. A follow-up investigation revealed that the man intended to fight to avoid arrest. Officers credited the taser with preventing serious injury or loss of life in the confrontation.


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