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Chesapeake Bay Socioeconomic Atlas Now Available

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Need to know the projected population densities for the counties surrounding your park? Land use trends in your area? Recreation and tourism industry revenue and employment? For park units within the Chesapeake Bay watershed, this information is conveniently presented on the new CD-ROM “A Socioeconomic Atlas for the Chesapeake Bay Watershed and its Region”.

The Atlas was prepared in 2009 for the National Park Service by Dr. Jean McKendry, Principal Scientist, College of Natural Resources, at the University of Idaho. The NPS unit of interest for this atlas is the Captain John Smith Chesapeake National Historic Trail. Sixteen similar atlases have been prepared for other NPS units around the country. Information is presented in a series of maps, complemented by tables, other graphics, and explanatory text.  A consistent design based on the county level is used, making it easy to draw comparisons and narrow the area of interest.

The atlas describes the spatial character of human activities and land use trends in the Chesapeake Bay watershed. Six categories of socioeconomic indicators are displayed in the atlas: general population, economy and commerce, social and cultural, recreation and tourism, administration and government, and land use indicators.

This is a tool with many uses such as new staff orientation, planning, public participation, and research. Important for managers, resource program staff and for GIS staff, the CD-ROM includes spatial data used in compiling the atlas maps. GIS specialists have the tools they need to create new maps serving specific purposes.

The atlas can be found at (It is a large file, nearly 40 MB). For the CD-ROM which includes a tutorial, atlas data, GIS base files, and JPEG and PDF graphics, contact Greg Ogilvie at the Chesapeake Bay Office, 410-260-2488, to have one sent to you.


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