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Week-long NPS Film Festival to Celebrate Founder's Day

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The Brown Bag Lunch Team has assembled a film festival during the week of August 22-26 to celebrate Founder's Day at the National Park Service. WASO and NCR employees are invited to bring their lunches and enjoy award-winning films about the natural and cultural riches in our National Parks. The films will be shown each day in the training room on the 2nd Floor at the 1201 Eye Street building beginning at noon. The schedule of films follows: Monday: John Piltzecker, Chief of the Partnership Office and former Superintendent of New Bedford Whaling NHP, will kick off our Founder's Day film series celebration with an introduction to the making of New Bedford Whaling's orientation movie, "The City That Lit the World." "The City That Lit the World" (New Bedford Whaling NHP), 22:46 min. Produced by Northern Light Productions for Harpers Ferry Center, 2002. John Grabowska, Executive Producer/COTR. "On the Edge of Gichigami: Voices of the Apostle Islands" (Apostle Islands National Lakeshore), 22:10 min. Produced by Harpers Ferry Center, 2003. Anne Tubiolo, Producer/Director. Tuesday: "Remembering Manzanar" (Manzanar NHS), 22:00 min. Produced by Signature Communications for Harpers Ferry Center, 2004. Brian Jones, Executive Producer/COTR. "Breath of Life" (Salinas Pueblo NM), 27:30 min. 1999, John Grabowska, producer/director. Wednesday: "Mosaic of Diversity" (Olympic NP), 24:40 min. Produced by Harpers Ferry Center, 2004. Tim Radford, Producer/Director. "Gente de Razon" (San Antonio Missions NHP), 24:30 min. Produced by Harpers Ferry Center, 1996. John Grabowska, producer/director. Thursday (Founder's Day): "Yosemite - Fate of Heaven," I hour. 1989, Jon Else, Director. Special Treat: A cakewill be provided by Cultural Resources in honor of the NPS' 89th birthday and its founding Director, Stephen T. Mather. Friday : "Crown of the Continent" (Wrangell-St. Elias NP), 28:30 min. 2002, John Grabowska, producer/director. "Remembered Earth" (Northwestern New Mexico NPS sites), 27:30 min. 2005, John Grabowska, producer/director. The week-long event is part of the Brown Bag Seminar series, which features films and voluntary presentations by NPS colleagues about NPS programs and projects. Sessions are intended to ensure that NPS stays a dynamic, continuously learning organization. Through such events we hope to foster interaction among employees and offices, be inclusive of all NPS disciplines and offices, and encourage one another to expand our capacity for leadership and knowledge as an organization. Everyone is welcome to attend any or all of these film sessions and to share in the pride we feel to be a part of the National Park Service.


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