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NPS Selects Lessees For Historic Buildings on Bathhouse Row

Hot Springs National Park

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The National Park Service has selected a team of architects from Hot Springs, Arkansas, to negotiate for the long-term leases of the historic Quapaw and Maurice Bathhouses in Hot Springs National Park. "I'm pleased that Anthony Taylor and Don Harper, representing Quapaw Baths LLC and Maurice Baths LLC, have been selected to become our private-sector partners to kick off the renaissance of Bathhouse Row," Josie Fernandez, Superintendent of Hot Springs National Park, in a news conference in front of the historic Quapaw Bathhouse this morning. "They were chosen by a panel of experts for submitting the proposals that on an overall basis best meet the evaluation criteria of the Request for Proposals issued by the National Park Service last December," she said. Nine proposals were submitted in response to the RFP by the May 31, 2005 deadline. All submittals were considered and the two selected were deemed the first priorities for negotiation. Fernandez also announced that the National Park Service will issue a new round of "Request for Proposals" within 60 to 90 days to seek proposals for the four remaining historic bathhouses now left available for lease consideration. Those historic buildings are the Superior, Hale, Lamar and Ozark Bathhouses. The National Park Service has undertaken a multi-year, multi-million dollar project to stabilize and preserve the vacant bathhouses on Bathhouse Row, a National Historic District. Hot Springs National Park will lease the bathhouses to private sector business partners and reopen the buildings to the public. For more information about the National Park Service Historic Leasing Program, please call the Office of the Superintendent at 623-2824.


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