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Intensive Search for Missing Ranger Continues

Rocky Mountain National Park

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The search for ranger Jeff Christensen continued on Tuesday. About 100 people were involved in the effort. The focus continues to be the Mummy Range area, where Christensen was last seen. On Monday night, search leaders studied maps to determine the areas that they felt had been thoroughly covered and those that needed to be searched further. They decided to continue to intensify their efforts in the high probability areas in the Mummy Range and also to expand further north to Hagues Peak and Mummy Mountain. This search area covers about 26 square miles and includes major altitude changes. Much of the area was searched by the two helicopters supporting the operation. Also joining searchers were three dog teams from Larimer County Search and Rescue and two from Front Range Rescue Dogs. The Central IMT (Eddie Lopez, IC) is now managing the search.Late update:Due to an article that appeared in the Denver Post, the park received information yesterday that a couple from Oklahoma saw Jeff in the Mount Chiquita area between noon and 1:00 p.m. on Friday, July 29th. The couple confirmed that it was Jeff from a photograph that they saw and by his name tag. The park investigator considered the couple's information credible.  The couple also said they saw other parties in the area that the park is now trying to locate:  A couple in their early forties - a very fit man who may have a heavy dark beard and a slim, small woman with a brown pony-tail.  They were reported to live in Greeley and were staying in a cabin in Glen Haven.  A tall, slim man who is believed to be a political science professor. Two men from Estes Park believed to be in their sixties.  A family consisting of a mother, father, teenage daughter and son.  Park officials are asking for help from visitors who might have seen Jeff in the Mummy Range area on Friday or Saturday. They are asked to contact the park at 970-586-1204 to help determine where he might have been seen last.


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