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Drowning Man Rescued by Trail Crew Members

Whiskeytown National Recreation Area

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On July 29th, seasonal NPS maintenance employee Mariah Hagstrom, who supervises the park's summer seasonal Youth Conservation Corps (YCC) trail crew,  was with her crew members at the Brandy Creek Beach swim area, enjoying some well earned time off from their routine trail duties.  Near the picnic area, Hagstrom heard shouts for help from visitors who were saying that someone was drowning near their location. Hagstrom heard the initial rescuers shout that they were getting tired and needed help getting the victim to shore. Without hesitation, Hagstrom and YCC trail crew member Michelle Palmer jumped into the water and assisted with bringing the drowning man to the shoreline. Fortunately, Hagstrom had her park-issued radio with her and was able to radio for additional assistance from rangers and NPS lifeguards prior to entering the water.  After Hagstrom and Palmer helped the man get to shore, Hagstrom saw  that he was unconscious and not breathing and began rescue breathing. After some initial rescue breaths from Hagstrom, the man began to cough and gasp for air.  Additional National Park Service rescue personnel and an off-duty firefighter then arrived and provided basic life support. The 54-year-old man eventually regained consciousness and began breathing on his own. He was then transported to a local trauma center for evaluation and further treatment. As of the last report, he was recovering in the hospital. Annual CPR/AED and first training is given by the protection ranger staff to staff in all other divisions in the park, including YCC, SCA and VIP staffs.


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