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Search for Ranger Focuses On New Clues

Rocky Mountain National Park

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The search for Jeff Christensen continues. Late on Wednesday afternoon, visitors reported hearing gunshots in the search area, and there were also reports of smoke in the same general area. At about 8 p.m., rangers arrived at the reported location and stationed themselves at key points. One fired a shot (standard procedure in search operations) to elicit a response;  another ranger in a different location reported hearing a responding shot a few minutes later. More rangers were then brought into the area and spread out along roads and trails to listen for more responses. No new gunshots were heard, but rangers heard a radio being keyed after several gunshots from the rangers. While there's no confirmation that the responses came from Christensen, it does raise hope that it could possibly be him. On Thursday, searchers concentrated their efforts in this section of the search area, using ground crews, dog teams, and a helicopter equipped with an infrared heat detection device. Other crews hiked into sections of the 26-square-mile search area and camped out in order to lengthen the search day. As of yesterday evening, searchers had not found Christensen. Today, search efforts will escalate, with five helicopters in the air and a large number of people on the ground. Should it prove necessary, the operation with further ramp up on the weekend with the addition of a large contingent of Colorado Search and Rescue personnel.


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