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Upper Delaware Scenic and Recreational River Presents “Summer Saturdays”

Upper Delaware Scenic and Recreational River

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"Summer Saturday" programs continue in Hancock, New York with an exploration of the Upper Delaware Valley's wildflowers and what all paddlers of the Upper Delaware River should know about river safety. On August 6th at 11:30am, join Park Ranger Brigid Jennings for "River Safety" at the Firemen's Field. This program will demonstrate river safety with hands on activities for all. Handling emergency situations, effective paddling methods, safe canoeing practices, and what to pack for a river trip will be discussed.
In the afternoon, Park Ranger Jennings will present "Wildflowers of the Upper Delaware." Participants will learn flower identification, how wildflowers are named, and the history of these natural wonders. "Wildflowers of the Upper Delaware" will be presented at the Louise Adelia Read Memorial Library at 2:30pm. "These programs provide an opportunity for visitors and residents to strengthen their connection with the Delaware River and its community" said Superintendent Dave Forney.
For a schedule of events or for more information on these and other educational programs please contact Education Specialist Ingrid Peterec at 570-685-4871 or check out the park's Special Events page at
Photo Caption: Wild Geranium is just one of many wildflowers that can be found in the Upper Delaware River Valley.


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