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Seeking Three Adventurous Rangers!

American Memorial Park

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American Memorial Park is seeking qualified applicants interested in lateral transfers into three permanent Park Ranger LE positions. These positions include a GS-0025-11 Supervisory Park Ranger (LE), GS-0025-9 Park Ranger (LE), and GS-0025-9 Park Ranger (Special Use Permits). For these 6c covered Law Enforcement positions only currently commissioned permanent employees at the GS-9 grade level or higher may apply.
The positions are responsible for a wide variety of visitor activities and will supervise many special use permitted functions. Law enforcement incidents within the park primarily deal with community liaison work and policing in an urban resort community.
Duty location of these assignments is in Saipan, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, a former United Nations Trust Territory now in political union with the United States. Salary for these positions includes special rates for law enforcement officers plus a foreign cost of living allowance of 25% (non taxable). Benefits include tax options that allow for a higher net income take-home pay (non payment of Federal taxes). Additional benefits include the ability to carry-over up to 360 hours of annual leave, priority and lateral rights to return to mainland positions after a 24-month overseas commitment or a 30-day home leave (paid travel and leave) for the employee and immediate family upon commitment to a renewal of another 24-month assignment.
With limited patrol areas and minimal staffing levels, applicants must possess the skills necessary to respond to issues in a multi-cultural environment with developing world infrastructure standards, such as the potential lack of 24-hour running water, constant electrical power outages, a wide variety of driving traffic standards, ethical ambiguities, and English spoken as a 2nd or 3rd language for 90% of the inhabitants and its visitors. Although this may create personal challenges and the need for flexibility, it can also provide an outstanding opportunity to improve personal skills and professional knowledge for any employee serving as a Park Ranger at American Memorial Park.
If your forte and interest is in diverse Asian cultures and you have the ability to live on a small island community, then this assignment may be for you. These positions open up opportunities for a world of international travel, the satisfaction of working with a supportive community and the chance to make an impact on an international scale. American Memorial Park is seen as an exemplary model of a government managed public facility in the Micronesian Pacific region. Consider working at the park as a once in a lifetime opportunity that very few in the Service ever get to experience.
GS-0025-11 LE Supervisory Park Ranger: Employee will be the park's Chief Ranger, works closely with the site unit manager and will be responsible for the formulation of the park's Law Enforcement program by creating a division from scratch. This will entail hiring, developing, training and mentoring up to 4.0 new FTEs. Other responsibilities include overseeing a new Visitor Center and its operations while formulating and developing the park's Interpretation division from scratch by hiring, developing and training up to 3.0 FTEs.
GS-0025-09 LE Park Ranger: Employee will be responsible for assisting with the creation and implementation of a new Law Enforcement division program for American Memorial Park. While working closely with the Chief Ranger, this person will be instrumental in carrying out LE protocols, community policing and networking for the park.
GS-0025-09 Park Ranger (Special Use Permits): With over 300 special use and filming permits issued annually for American Memorial Park, employee will implement a cost recovery program, re-evaluate and revamp the special use permits and filming program plus work closely with permittees while monitoring activities. This will also include working with research and incidental business permittees using the Park.
The twenty-seven-year-old American Memorial Park encompasses about 133 acres on the central west coast of the island of Saipan. The Park has seen tremendous change in the last 10 years with many new infrastructure improvements. More information about the park can be obtained by visiting For more on the island of Saipan and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands go to
Saipan is situated about 1300 miles south of Japan and 1200 miles east of the Philippines with the Hawaiian Islands about 3200 miles to the east-northeast and Guam to the south about 150 miles. The island has a very humid climate with temperatures ranging from 70 to 80 degrees year round. The positions will be duty-stationed at the park, but no government housing is available. Rental housing costs are low to moderate and non-Commonwealth citizens cannot own property on the island. Schools, medical facilities, food and other personal necessities are plentiful on the island, but tend to be a bit expensive due to importation of most goods in a resort - tourist related economy.
This reassignment opportunity is subject to the Department's CTAP requirements. The positions are covered by the law enforcement officer retirement provisions of 5 U.S.C. Section 8336(c) and 5 U.S.C. Section 8412(d). Proof of special retirement coverage MUST be provided with resume. Applicants who are currently covered should include a copy of a recent SF-50 documenting coverage.
For more information, contact chuck_sayon@ or call 670-234-7207 (keep in mind that the park is 17 hours ahead of West Coast time, 14 hours ahead of East Coast time).
Once filled, these positions will EOD immediately after the beginning of the new fiscal year. Interested applicants should forward hard copy applications, including SF-50, references and latest performance appraisal to Chuck Sayon, American Memorial Park, P.O. Box 5198 - CHRB, Amphitheater Complex - Garapan Village, Saipan, MP 96950, no later than COB on September 12.


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