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Teenager Rescued From Ledge Below Canyon Rim

Canyon De Chelly National Monument

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On Monday, June 29th, Navajo police received a cell phone call from a person stuck on a ledge in Canyon de Chelly. They notified monument staff and rangers began a search along the canyon rim. After a short time, they found a local teenage boy who had fallen and become stranded on a ledge approximately 40 feet below the rim east of an area known as Tunnel Canyon. The distance to the canyon bottom below the ledge on which the boy was stuck is approximately 300 feet. Park rangers and watershed crew members responded with Navajo police officers and medical personnel from Indian Health Services. Park rescue personnel setup a rappel belay to reach the boy. A 3:1 rig pulley system was employed to bring him back up to the canyon rim, where he was transported to the Chinle Hospital by ambulance.  Earlier this year, Grand Canyon staff provided technical rope training for Canyon de Chelly personnel, Navajo Police Department officers, and Chinle Fire Department personnel, and the two parks have been working together to provide additional training to develop a SAR team at Canyon de Chelly.  This is the second rope rescue that park personnel have done in two weeks.


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