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Almanac - Thursday, August 4, 2005

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Today in NPS History On August 4, 1735, in a notable victory for press freedom, a jury found John Peter Zenger not guilty of libel for publishing statements critical of New York's colonial governor in his newspaper.  Federal Hall National Memorial in New York City occupies the site of the building in which the trial was held.
In Memoriam On August 4, 1941, Yellowstone CCC worker Harry Jacques was killed when his truck overturned. This Day in the Lewis and Clark Expedition August 4, 1805 - "We Set out at Sunrise,  a hunter Sent on a head to kill Some fresh meat for us to eat…abt. 8 oC. A. m. we Came to Capt. Lewis camp…he left a note letting us know he left this place yesterday morning and ment to go on until this evening, & if they found no fresh Sign of Indian, they would return back a fiew miles & hunt until we came up…"
This Day in the Morning Report The following story from Gulf Islands NS appeared in the Morning Report on this date in 1999…. The sixth annual "Boaters' Rendezvous and Blessing of the Recreational Fleet" was held at Ship Island on Sunday, July 18th.  The rendezvous has turned into a huge annual party, which goes by the many nicknames of Blow‑out, Beach Bash, and Mardi Gras on the Water.  This year there were over 900 boats anchored along a half-mile stretch of beach, with an estimated 9,000 to 10,000 people in attendance.  The sponsors brought in two barges hooked together with a large stage and a professional sound system.  A popular band played throughout the day, interspersed with men's and women's bathing suit contests, a hula hoop contest, and a blessing by the bishop of the Catholic diocese.  The event has gained in popularity throughout the years, and draws thousands intent on partying, drinking and revelry.  The public safety aspect of the event was managed under ICS, with five agencies participating under a unified command.  The agency incident commanders stayed together at the ICP and jointly made all major decisions.  The operations section was organized into functional branches, with branch directors assigned from the participating agencies.  Personnel from the participating agencies received assignments and direction from their branch directors, regardless of agency affiliation.  A total of nine arrests were made for various infractions during the incident, including public intoxication, boating under the influence, reckless boat operation, disorderly conduct and spousal assault.  Personnel responded to three fights, two emergency medical evacuations, lots of minor injuries, a fuel leak, one capsized boat, one swamped boat, one stolen boat and one search for two individuals who were so drunk they fell off their boat when returning to the mainland (the other people in the boat were so drunk they didn't realize they'd lost their companions until they reached land). Seventy-three separate incidents were managed during the course of the permitted event.  One hundred thirty three people were involved in the public safety incident, along with twenty five boats, three ATV's and two helicopters.  Agencies included the Coast Guard, the Mississippi Marine Patrol, Harrison County Sheriff's Department, American Medical Response and the National Park Service.  Credits Park history - Park Dates ( Memoriam - Jeff Ohlfs, Joshua Tree NP.Lewis and Clark history - Dick Prestholdt, Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation.Morning Report history - MR archives (


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