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Injured And Intoxicated Man Rescued From River

Lowell National Historical Park

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On the afternoon of Saturday, May 30th, ranger Matt Collins responded to a report of a man struggling in the Concord River. City police officers and fire and EMS personnel also responded. When Collins and two officers arrived on scene, they quickly located the man in the water at the bottom of a steep slope covered with loose bricks and debris. They were able to scramble down the slope to the man, whose head was nearly under the water. He appeared to be suffering from multiple facial injuries and was highly intoxicated. Collins and the Lowell officers were able to lift and partially remove him from the water. When firefighters and paramedics from the local hospital arrived, Collins helped them immobilize and move the man up the steep slope. Paramedics determined that he’d suffered multiple injuries and that, despite the warm weather, he was becoming hypothermic because he’d been submerged in the water for quite some time. Investigation revealed that earlier that day he’d walked away from Lowell General Hospital, almost four miles from where he was pulled from the river. He was transported to the Lahey Clinic in Burlington, Massachusetts.


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