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River Road Rehabilitation Project Put On Hold

Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area

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A decision on the River Road rehabilitation project will be delayed for six months.
"We plan to use the time to develop enhanced cooperation and coordination with PennDOT (Pennsylvania Department of Transportation) and any other entity engaged in highway work in this area," Superintendent John Donahue said. "The single most notable sentiment in the comments from the public on the draft environmental assessment on the River Road project was a request to ensure that we did everything that we could to coordinate with our partners at PennDOT on the timing of our mutual projects. The timing may be critical, particularly in light of the impending Marshalls Creek bypass project."
The National Park Service recently participated in a meeting with PennDOT officials and others regarding the timing of local highway projects which resulted in promises by all to continue cooperating.
The park has sought public response and interaction on this project for the past two years, most recently through the draft environmental assessment on the project. Very few substantive issues were raised in response to the request for comments on that document.
"I want the citizens who took the time to comment to know that we are responsive to concerns even when they are raised by a very small percentage of the public," noted Donahue.


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