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Almanac - Tuesday, August 9, 2005

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Today in NPS History On August 9, 187, the 7th U.S. Infantry under Col. John Gibbon clashed with Nez Perce Indians seeking to avoid reservation confinement at the Battle of the Little Big Hole.  Big Hole National Battlefield, Montana, preserves the site.
In Memoriam On August 9, 2002, Organ Pipe ranger Kristopher W. Eggle was murdered in an incident on the border. This Day in the Lewis and Clark Expedition August 9, 1805 - From Lewis' journal: "Shannon arrived…missed the party…marched one day up wisdom river…returned…and …pursued us up this river …immediately after breakfast I slung my pack and set out accompanied by Drewyer Shields and McNeal who had been previously directed to hold themselves in readiness for this service…" This Day in the Morning Report This story from Canyon de Chelly NM appeared in the Morning Report on this date in 1994…. On August 10, 1994, ranger William Yazzie was assaulted at Ledge Ruins overlook by local residents Calvin, Paul and Philip Clark.  Paul Clark subsequently pleaded guilty to assaulting a federal officer with a deadly weapon and was sentenced to prison.  Calvin and Philip Clark pleaded not guilty; after being found guilty in federal court, they changed attorneys and were granted a continuance prior to sentencing while their lawyers became familiar with the case.  During this period, they were ordered to reside in separate minimum security detention facilities in Phoenix.  On June 26th, Philip Clark was issued a pass to visit his sister.  When he failed to return the following day, a warrant was issued for his arrest.  Clark has reportedly been sighted in the park on several occasions, and allegedly assaulted his aunt at Ledge Ruins overlook.  Rangers and Navajo police officers have been searching for him, but have not yet been able to locate him.  On July 17th, Calvin Clark was sentenced to just over seven years' imprisonment in a federal prison, followed by three years' supervised release.  Credits Park history - Park Dates ( Memoriam - Jeff Ohlfs, Joshua Tree NP.Lewis and Clark history - Dick Prestholdt, Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation.Morning Report history - MR archives (


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