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New Exhibits for Ocmulgee National Monument

Ocmulgee National Monument

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On the morning of April 20, 2009, a wrecking crew moved into the Ocmulgee National Monument Visitor Center and set to work. Within hours, major parts of the parks thirty year old exhibit began moving out. New exhibit installation had begun. For the next 30 days, impact on the visitor's experience will be great, but the results will be spectacular. Superintendent Jim David stated “We apologize for the mess and any inconvenience it may cause, but we are confident that people will be pleased with the new exhibits.”

Ocmulgee National Monument staff, Native American partners, and park contractor Malone Design have worked for more then two years designing a new exhibit for the park. The new exhibit will be installed on the first floor of the historic Ocmulgee Visitor Center and will replace the former exhibits that were located in the rotunda, hallway and gallery.

Featured in the new exhibit will be a re-created dwelling and dramatic artifacts from the park’s massive collection of more than 2.1 million objects. Many of these artifacts have never been seen on display.

The new exhibit is family friendly, includes interactive parts, and will relate the entire 12,000 year story of Native American life at Ocmulgee.

Exhibit installation will be complete by June, 2009.

For more information about the exhibit, or to speak with a member of the staff, please send emails to, or contact Chief Ranger Guy LaChine at 478-752-8257 or


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