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Bryce Canyon Concessioner receives Meritorious Award

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For some Utah Businesses, Earth Day is ‘Business as Usual’
Salt Lake City, Utah – About a dozen Utah businesses are taking the Earth Day message a step further by reporting significant reductions in waste, water and electricity that make them a shinning example of how going green can also improve their bottom line.

Intermountain Health Care (IHC), Rio Tinto/Kennecott Utah Copper, Autoliv, Artspace/Utah Barrel and Scrap Voluntary Cleanup Program, Xanterra Bryce Canyon Lodge, Lorraine Press, Swire Coca-Cola and Hexcel are being honored this fall at the non-profit Utah Pollution Prevention Association’s annual luncheon for outstanding achievements in conducting business in an environmentally friendly way.

Those businesses and other Utah Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) Clean Utah Partners have collectively reduced pollution by recycling over 6,800 tons of material, reducing electrical use by 7 million kilowatts, saving 25.6 million gallons of water, reducing 34.4 tons of smog-forming nitrogen oxides and over 6,300 tons of carbon dioxide, the primary ingredient in greenhouse gas emissions – enough to keep more than 1,000 vehicles off the road each year.

“These businesses go beyond the regulatory requirements and serve as a model for all of us,” said Bill Sinclair, acting executive director of DEQ.

The 2009 Pollution Prevention Association’s Outstanding Award Winners are:

·         IHC for developing multiple programs to reduce electricity, natural gas, water and solid waste.

·         Rio Tinto/Kennecott Utah Copper for instituting a new pilot project, that is now a formal program, that reduces idling time and increases fuel efficiency of its light, medium and heavy duty vehicles at several of Kennecott’s plants.

·         Autoliv for partnering with Malt-O-Meal to reuse its vegetable oil to package the various reactive wastes at its manufacturing facility in Tremonton.

·         Non-profit Artspace for purchasing the former Utah Barrel and Scrap site and implemented a Voluntary Cleanup Program that removed tons of lead and arsenic contaminated soil to make way for a green-building work space for artists.

Four other businesses are receiving meritorious awards. Xanterra Bryce Canyon Lodge for waste reduction and recycling, including the development of a glass recycling program; Lorraine Press for reducing its solid waste by 50 percent; Swire Coca-Cola for reductions in water, electric use, solid waste through recycling and reducing greenhouse gas emissions through an anti-idling policy; and Hexcel for projects that improved energy efficiency.

Many of the award winners are Clean Utah Partners, a DEQ program that provides incentives for businesses going beyond regulatory requirements. Other Clean Utah Partners include Circle Four Farms, Firestone Building Products, Utah Transit Authority and Zion Lodge.

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