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Middle School Students Create Sustainable 3D Art Inspired by Memorial

Chamizal National Memorial

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El Paso- Chamizal National Memorial (NM) is showcasing artwork made from recycled materials by local middle school students that depict views of the park. Chamizal Vistas is featured in the Borderland Gallery through the end of May in the park’s visitor center. Building on concepts of non-traditional and environmentally-conscious art, students from Socorro Middle School visited Chamizal NM last fall to learn about the significance and history of Chamizal and the National Park Service (NPS). They explored, sketched, and photographed various viewpoints of the park. Jan Deragisch, the students’ art teacher, had her pupils create three-dimensional sculptural landscapes from sustainable materials based on these photographs and sketches. “The kids are really excited to have their work featured at a National Park Service site,” she said. “They liked the idea that visitors from across the country could see their art. This project not only reinforced the environmental importance of recycling for these kids, it also showed them how recycling can be a way of turning something plain, disposable, or ugly into something beautiful.” The exhibit includes pieces that depict mountains, trees, cacti, gardens, rocks, the NPS logo, a Spanish fountain, and other park features. The artworks are constructed from recycled cardboard and brushed with earth-friendly paint. When You Go Chamizal Vistas is free and open to the public. Chamizal NM Visitor Center hours are Tuesday through Saturday 10am to 5pm. Call 532-7273 for more information or visit our website.


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