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Site Temporarily Closed Due To Collapse Of Nearby Hotel

Maggie L Walker National Historic Site

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The park was closed on Saturday, April 11th, due to the partial collapse of the nearby unoccupied Eggleston Hotel. The hotel was undergoing a lengthy renovation and stabilization process when it unexpectedly collapsed for undetermined reasons on Saturday morning. The hotel was located diagonally across the intersection of Second and Leigh Streets in the historic district of Jackson Ward in downtown Richmond.  The Eggleston Hotel was significant to the area because it was one of the few hotels where notable black entertainers could stay during the height of racial segregation. The sudden collapse of the hotel occurred at approximately 5:30 a.m. The intersection was closed by Richmond city emergency response personnel. They were joined by state and county emergency responders, who were brought in to check for possible trapped victims. None were found. Additional support was provided by an American Red Cross disaster response unit. City building inspectors subsequently determined that the building would have to be completely razed due to the threat of a possible further collapse of its facade. Dominion Power was notified and power was cut to the surrounding area due to power lines running near the partially collapsed hotel.  An emergency demolition of the hotel began in the afternoon and by nightfall, the site was completely razed. National Park Service protection rangers were on-scene at the adjacent park property throughout the day to ensure public safety and building security. Park buildings were utilized and made available to firefighters and emergency response personnel during the incident.  The park reopened on Monday, April 13th.


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