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Bunker Hill Monument LIghts Dimmed For Earth Hour

Boston National Historical Park

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The lights that illuminate the Bunker Hill Monument at night were dimmed on the evening of Saturday, March 28th, in observation of Earth Hour, a community engagement initiative organized by the World Wildlife Fund to raise awareness about climate change.

 â€œEarth Hour is just the start,” observed superintendent Terry Savage. “Now that the lights have been dimmed we hope that conversations on climate change  will commence all over the city and that people will take the initiative to make small changes in their lives to be more environmentally friendly.”

Any lighting that was essential for active use or related to public safety, such as street and emergency lighting, remained on.

Earth Hour was first celebrated two years ago in Sydney, Australia, when 2.2 million people and thousands of businesses turned out their lights, allowing the message about climate change to shine brightly.

In March 2008, Earth Hour went global. More than 400 cities, thousands of businesses and over 50 million people around the world turned off their lights for one hour to demonstrate their commitment to slowing the effects of climate change. The movement captured the public’s imagination, with lights going out at some of the world’s most iconic landmarks, including the Sydney Opera House, Bangkok’s Wat Arun Buddhist temple, the Coliseum in Rome, Stockholm’s Royal Castle, London’s City Hall, New York’s Empire State Building, and the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.


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