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Great Falls Park Opens New VC Exhibits

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Last Friday, staff at Great Falls Park unveiled a new $750,000 series of “hands-on” interactive learning exhibits, including seven new video presentations designed to engage visitors in learning about the beauty, danger, recreational opportunities and history of that area.

With guidance from staff at Harpers Ferry Center, the new exhibits are designed to trigger ideas and questions from visitors in hopes that they will then interact with interpretive rangers and learn even more. 

With many school groups coming to the site, the new exhibits will help complement the “Parks as Classroom” program.

Regional Director Peggy O’Dell welcomed the new exhibits, noting that they will help raise the level of awareness of the area’s history, biology, recreation and beauty. Superintendent Dottie Marshall thanked the staff who worked on the project and joined Corky Mayo of the Washington Office in complimenting the new exhibits. 

Other new exhibits cover recreational opportunities and the inherent dangers associated with kayaking and rock climbing in Great Falls Park, with instructions on how to reduce or even eliminate accidents connected to these two activities.  Yet other exhibits tell the story of Great Falls’ history from the time of President George Washington to the present, including the village of Matildaville and a trolley line from downtown Washington to Great Falls that ran until discontinued in 1934.  

Approximately 600,000 visitors come to Great Falls Park annually. 


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