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Man Arrested For Significant Vandalism To War Memorials

War In The Pacific National Historical Park

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Christopher Biag Morandarte, 20, has been charged in the Superior Court of Guam for vandalizing waysides, plaques and parts of the memorial at Asan Bay overlook that commemorates the more than 16,000 citizens and servicemen who fell trying to retake Guam from the Japanese in World War II. A plaque that memorializes the first Chamorros who died while serving their country in World War II had graffiti all over it – paint circled and covered the names that were carved into the marble. No estimate is yet available on what it will cost to repair the damage. In 2007, 34 brass panels with names were stolen and sold to a scrap yard for $1,584. Joseph Elibosang was convicted of stealing the panels and sentenced to 21 months in both federal and local prisons. Temporary panels fill the gaps where Elibosang pried the panels loose, but they will be replaced later this year when the National Park Service renovates the memorial with federal grant money. About 1,600 new and edited names that were collected from the memories of people within the local community will be added during the renovation,


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