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Attempted Robbery Involving Police Impersonator

Rock Creek Park

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On Saturday, October 4th, Park Police officers responded to a report of an assault at Meridian Hill. When they arrived, they found a Metro Police Department (MPD) officer on scene with two people. The MPD officer said that he’d seen the two fighting while patrolling the area. When he intervened, one of the two men, identified as Keith Austin, told him that he was a police officer and displayed a pair of handcuffs. Both were detained. Austin then told the officer that he was a police informant. He was also carrying a flashlight, walkie-talkies and a radio. The other man reported that he’d been drinking with two friends at Meridian Hill when Austin approached them, identified himself as an officer, displayed a pair of handcuffs on his belt, and threatened to arrest them. A verbal altercation ensued that culminated with Austin grabbing one of the man’s friends. That lead to a fight. The trio then fled, with Austin pursuing the man and attempting to take a bag containing a camera from him. That led to another fight, at which point the MPD officer arrived. USPP officer Danny Berberich arrested Austin, who faces several charges, including impersonating a police officer and attempted robbery. Meanwhile, other responding USPP officers located the man’s two companions. One of them was approached by officer Mike Peer, but refused to speak to him. She then attempted to leave and had to be detained. She refused to identify herself and became physically aggressive, kicking one officer in the groin and also kicking another assisting officer. She was arrested and faces a number of charges, including assaulting police officers. The third person, identified as Dean Carver, was contacted by officer TC Gordon. When Gordon attempted to interview Carter, he refused to comply with the officer’s commands and appeared agitated. When Gordon displayed his baton, Carver fled, with Gordon pursuing. Carver ran towards one of the officers dealing with the  unidentified woman in an aggressive manner, so Gordon employed his baton to stop him from assaulting the officer. Carver was arrested and will be charged for a number of offenses, including assaulting a police officer.


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