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Rangers, Officers Confront Armed Felon

Prince William Forest Park

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The Stafford County Sheriff’s Office contacted the park around 6 p.m. on August 3rd and advised that they were looking for a felon known to frequent the park who was wanted for abduction and forced captivity of a woman and her minor child in addition to several active felony warrants. The man had told friends that he was not going to be taken by police and that he would kill as many officers as possible before taking his own life. He was reported to have two semi-automatic pistols in his possession. About an hour after receiving this call, an on-duty ranger saw the man park his vehicle in the visitor center parking lot and get out. The chief ranger and three off-duty rangers responded along with a dozen Prince William County PD officers. The man returned to his car a short time later and attempted to leave the park. A roadblock had been established by rangers and officers at the park’s entrance station, though, and two rangers were posted to block his escape. The man stopped his car 30 yards away from the roadblock, but remained inside and refused to comply with officers’ orders. A county canine unit was brought forward. After a short while, the man obeyed officers’ commands, exited the vehicle, and was taken into custody without further incident. He said that he had considered resisting, but decided otherwise. A loaded semi-automatic pistol and several large knives and a sword were discovered in his possession. He had consumed a pint of liquor prior to his arrest, as well as other intoxicants. The investigation is ongoing.


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