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Park Police Arrest Pickpocket

Lincoln Memorial

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On the afternoon of Monday, June 30th, USPP officer Jason Keyser was dispatched to the Lincoln Memorial bookstore to investigate a robbery that had just occurred. Keyser met with the complainant, who reported having his wallet taken by two suspects by stealth.  A review of the bookstore security camera showed two people working together to steal his wallet. One of the two, later identified as Jerry Wheeler, was seen on the video blocking the man’s exit from the bookstore as his accomplice stole the wallet. Shortly thereafter, it was determined that one of the credit cards in the wallet had been used at a nearby store. Surveillance video from the store showed the same two people as on the bookstore surveillance video. Detective Glenn Luppino was assigned the case and disseminated an information bulletin concerning the crime.  On July 16th, he was contacted by the DC Court Services head of security, who said that Wheeler was meeting with his probation officer. He also advised that Wheeler was wearing a monitoring device that showed that he’d been at the Lincoln Memorial and subsequently near the store the credit card was used on the date and approximate times of the crimes. Detectives Luppino and Scott Powers contacted the probation office and saw that Wheeler was wearing the same outfit he was wearing during the commission of the crime.  He was arrested and charged with robbery by stealth. The detectives are still searching for the second suspect in this case. 


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