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Suicide Victim Found After Search

Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area

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On June 30th, John Morgan of Bowling Green, Kentucky, told friends that he was going camping in the park for about a week. Two weeks later, friends advised Bowling Green police that he was overdue and missing. The park was apprised the next day, July 15th, and a BOLO (‘be on the lookout’ message) was posted for his vehicle. Morgan’s truck was found the next night in the Leatherwood Ford parking lot near the Angel Falls trailhead. No information was found in the vehicle as to where he might be. Family members told rangers that Morgan liked to hike to the falls and was a regular visitor to the park. Searchers checked all trails in the Leatherwood Ford area that day, but found no sign of him. A full scale search was begun the next day and his body was found about two hours later near a creek about a thousand feet from the trail. Indications were that he died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound and that he’d probably been dead since the day he was reported to have come to the park. An autopsy was conducted which confirmed the probability of suicide.


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