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Officers’ Action Blocks Planned Drag Race

Suitland Parkway

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Park Police officers Eduardo Delgado and Robert Rowlett were on patrol on the Suitland Parkway just after midnight on June 27th when they saw two men walking in the westbound lanes near Forestville Road, heading for a red Ford Mustang parked on the shoulder in the grass. When they contacted the men, they found that one of them was carrying a can of spray paint and a measuring device. Although the men told the officers that their car had broken down, the officers noted a white line painted nearby across the parkway and asked to see the measuring device, which had a reading of about a quarter mile on it. The men admitted that it was a quarter of a mile to the intersection with Forestville Road. They were arrested for vandalism. During a post-arrest interview, one of the men said that the area was a good location for racing because of the traffic light at the Forestville Road intersection. Drag racing has been highly publicized in the DC region due to a recent tragedy that occurred on Indian Head Highway. In February, a crowd of spectators were standing on that highway, watching a race. They were obscured by smoke, though, and drivers on the highway ran into the crowd, killing eight and injuring at least five others. Enforcement has since increased, forcing illegal racers to find new roads to race on. Due to the diligent efforts of Delgado and Rowlett, a potential drag race on the parkway was successfully interdicted.


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