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Father Drowns Trying To Save Five-Year-Old Son

Little River Canyon National Preserve

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On Friday, April 18th, ranger Larry Beane saw a five-year-old boy fall off Little River Falls. The child was with his parents and members of another family when the accident occurred. Beane had to go to the parking lot to radio in the incident. While he was gone, the boy’s father, Patrick Seibert, 37, jumped into the water in an attempt to save his son. Rangers David Walker and Kim Kirk were on scene within a couple of minutes and were soon joined by ranger Jimmy Dunn. A man who was with Seibert’s family jumped into the water, found him, and pulled him to shore. He and Walker began CPR while moving Seibert through the water to a rock. He was then secured to a backboard so he could be extricated from the canyon. Seibert was taken to Dekalb County Regional Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead. Meanwhile, the five-year-old was found sitting on a rock not far from the point where he fell into the water. Maintenance worker Jaime Anderson waded out to him and brought him to rocks closer to land. The boy suffered minor cuts and bruises but was otherwise okay. Others involved in the incident were maintenance chief Steve Elsaesser, resource management specialist Mary Shew, and personnel from Fischer Rescue, the Dekalb County Sheriff’s Department, Dekalb County Ambulance, and Fort Payne Fire.


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