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Four Arrested In Theft Of Sacagawea Statue

Lewis and Clark National Historical Park

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Four people have been arrested for the January 19th theft of a bronze statue of Sacagawea and her baby from the park. According to the Clatsop County Sheriff’s Office, a scrap metal dealer in Bend notified authorities on January 22nd about suspicious metal his business had received. Bend police identified the metal as the missing statue and opened a joint investigation with the sheriff's office. On the following day, the sheriff's office found that someone had also tried to sell the statue at a Portland scrap metal yard and identified possible suspects. Three people were arrested for the theft on Thursday in Bend. James Storms, 44, and Shawna Roberson, 42, were charged with first-degree aggravated theft by receiving; John Kristiansen, 45, was charged with first-degree theft by receiving and an additional charge of possession of methamphetamine. With the cooperation of both scrap metal yards, authorities then identified a fourth suspect, the man who was believed to be the one involved with the original theft of the statue. A county detective spotted his vehicle parked at a Warrenton store on the afternoon of January 27th and called in backup from the sheriff's office and Warrenton police. Marcus Bologna, 42, described as a longtime county resident, was arrested when he returned to his car. He was transported to the county jail for failing to report to his parole officer on a previous burglary conviction. His vehicle was towed as possible evidence, and he was arraigned pending local charges. Bologna may also face federal charges because the crime occurred in a national park. In order to remove the statue, the thieves had to cut it from its mounting bolts. It apparently cracked in two when it was pulled off its mount and was cut into pieces before it was taken to the scrap metal dealer. Although the statue was valued at $20,000, it’s likely it would have been worth only $200 or so as scrap. The county sheriff noted that metal theft is "rampant not only here locally but throughout the U.S. due to the high number of drug-addicted people who are looking for some quick cash to maintain their drug addictions." The park extends its thanks to the Clatsop County sheriff's office for their diligent work – just one example of the outstanding service they provide to the park. Efforts will be made to find another way to celebrate both Sacagawea and the native peoples who hosted the Lewis and Clark Expedition.


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