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Thieves Steal Statue Of Sacagawea

Lewis and Clark National Historical Park

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A bronze statue of Sacagawea and her infant son was stolen from the park on January 19th. The statue was an interpretive piece honoring the many contributions of Sacagawea and the native peoples of North America to the Lewis and Clark expedition. Sacagawea was an invaluable member of the expedition, serving as a language interpreter between two Indian tribes and the English speaking Lewis and Clark. Her presence in the Corps of Discovery eased what could have been disastrous first encounters between the corps and tribes during the cross-continental journey. The statue had been donated to Lewis and Clark NHP to commemorate the centennial year of the beginning of the explorations. The park estimates the statue's value at $20,000. Unfortunately, the bronze statue may have been stolen for its salvage value. Thefts of other metals for salvage value has become an emerging problem in Pacific West parks and across the nation, sometimes associated with other drug-related crimes. Special agents are investigating the incident.  (Note: The theft of phone lines last year at Oregon Caves NM rendered that park's phone system inoperable for several months. The phone lines may have been stolen for the salvage value of the copper.  A reward may be offered for information leading to conviction in the Oregon Caves case).


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