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Police Impersonator Arrested

Baltimore-Washington Parkway

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A local, off-duty police officer was traveling on the parkway around 3 a.m. on November 9th when a white Ford Crown Victoria with flashing red/blue emergency lights pulled in behind him, with the operator broadcasting over a PA system. The car did not have government tags, and the officer suspected that it was being driven by a police impersonator. The officer accordingly called for assistance, and USPP officer Adam Zielinski responded. When he broadcast his location as approaching an exit, the suspect vehicle veered off on the exit. Zielinski’s initial effort to stop him proved unsuccessful, but the driver finally pulled over. When he got out of his vehicle, Zielinski saw that he was wearing a police tactical vest and was carrying a semi-automatic pistol in the vest. Zielinski drew his pistol and ordered the man to show his hands. He ignored the commands, said he was a police officer, put his hands in his pockets, and pulled out a badge. Zielinski then took him into custody. Investigation revealed that the man was a local armed security guard with no police authority within NPS jurisdiction. His vehicle was searched and found to contain police lights, sirens, police scanners, a shotgun, a stun gun with ammunition, an ASP baton, a hat and jackets with the word “POLICE” on them, and other assorted equipment. He was charged with impersonating a police officer and with weapons offenses.


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