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Update: Memorial Plate Thief Pleads Guilty In Court

War In The Pacific National Historical Park

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On October 29th, Joseph Elibosang pled guilty in the District Court of Guam to stealing and then selling more than 30 bronze plates that bear the names of thousands of Chamorros and U.S. servicemen killed during World War II. Elibosang pled guilty to charges of theft of government property, destruction of a veteran’s memorial, and conspiracy to transport stolen goods to foreign commerce. Each of the charges carries with it a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison, a fine of $250,000, a $100 special assessment fee, and three year’s probation, which, if violated, could result in an additional two years in prison. Elibosang was arrested in July in connection with the theft of 34 bronze nameplates from the park’s Asan Bay Overlook. An investigation was soon launched that involved both local and federal officials, including a law enforcement representative from the National Park Service. Governor Felix Camacho halted all outgoing shipments of scrap-metal containers until all the nameplates were recovered. Elibosang is also facing charges in the Superior Court of Guam in connection with the same case. He will appear next week in the local court for a criminal trial on charges of theft by receiving stolen property with a special allegation of crime against the community.  In federal court, Elibosang will be sentenced on January 28th.


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