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Investigators Attempt To ID Remains Found In Park

Crater Lake National Park

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In September, 2006, firefighters working on the Bybee Fire Use Complex discovered human remains in the Bybee Creek area of the park’s backcountry.  Investigating rangers found partial skeletal remains, along with clothing fragments and personal effects. Shortly after this discovery, the winter’s first major snowfall shut down access to the site. A more thorough search this summer by an FBI evidence recovery team yielded additional skeletal remains and personal property. NPS rangers and special agents, along with FBI agents and forensic scientists, are continuing the investigation in hopes of identifying the remains. Investigators are looking into whether they could be those of Glenn Mackie, who has been missing since an October 1991 visit to the park.  Mackie, a 33-year-old Brea, California resident, was the subject of a search after his vehicle was found in the park’s Rim Village just before that year’s first major snowstorm. Despite an intensive search at the time, no sign of Mackie was found.  The remains were found in a remote, off-trail area. Their weathered condition makes it apparent that they have been there for at least several years.  A partial skull containing several teeth with dental work was recovered, and investigators hope to identify the victim through dental records and DNA analysis. The cause of death has yet to be determined.


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