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Thieves Excavate Several Mounds

Ocmulgee National Monument

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Ranger Irv Brock was on patrol on June 21st when he discovered that the Lamar Mounds had been entered and excavated. Each of the mounds at this remote location is complete enclosed within a six-strand barbwire chain link fence. Brock found that a pothole had been dug into the side of Spiral Mound near the summit; when he entered to investigate further, he found that there were a total of three holes on the mound. He then checked Mound A and found one hole at the top and another on the side. Tool marks and piles of sifted dirt beside them revealed that the holes were human-made. A site damage assessment was conducted by SEAC archeologists the following day. Then, four days later, Brock found four new holes on the mounds, this time outside the fences. The holes were similar to those in the first set. SEAC has conducted a damage assessment on these sites as well.  The Lamar Mounds unit, which incorporates about 43 acres of mound sites, is closed to the public under 36 CFR 2.31 (trespassing, tampering and vandalism) due to the unit’s detachment from the main area of the park and its inaccessibility. An ARPA investigation is underway.


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