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Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

Fort Stanwix National Monument

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Regular snowstorms, lake effect snowstorms, the Valentine’s Day nor’easter – Fort Stanwix has been on the receiving end of them all this month.

The park, which is located in Rome, New York, is about 60 miles east of Lake Ontario and not far from Oswego County, which has been the focus of many news stories this month due to its record snowfall of more than 11 feet over the course of nine days in early February.

Although not hit that hard, Fort Stanwix has gotten its fair share of snow. More than 24 inches of snow fell during the series of lake effect storms in the first days of February. Then, on Valentine’s Day, the nor’easter that pummeled the eastern United Dates brought another 18 inches. The park closed last Wednesday after the Oneida County Sheriff's Department ordered all non-emergency vehicles off the roads due to drifting snow and whiteouts, then reopened the next day for regular business hours.  Park maintenance personnel were busy clearing the trails and sidewalks on Thursday before another lake effect snow storm began in the afternoon. An additional 10 inches of snow, more in some spots, was forecast for Friday. 

Although seemingly large accumulations, these types of winter storms are the norm in central New York. 


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