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Fort Heiman Site To Become Unit Of Park

Fort Donelson National Battlefield

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On Monday, October 30th, the Calloway County Executive Office will officially announce the transfer of properties associated with Fort Heiman in Calloway County, Kentucky, to the National Park Service. A news conference hosted by the County Executive Office is scheduled for 1:00 p.m.

More than 150 acres of the Fort Heiman site will be turned over to the national park system to become part of Fort Donelson National Battlefield. Fort Heiman was listed in the National Register of Historic Places on December 12, 1976, under criterion A because of its association with events that made a significant contribution to United States history. Critical resources at the site include existing features that retain a high degree of historic integrity, as well as the panoramic vistas of the Kentucky Lake-Tennessee River Valley and Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area.

The site provides a historic setting for interpreting the American Civil War Battle of Fort Henry and the struggle to control the Tennessee River as a major transportation artery in the Confederate west.

"The effort to preserve Fort Heiman is a model for conservation partnerships and grass-root preservation efforts," said superintendent Steven McCoy. "The citizens of Calloway County, working with local preservationists and government officials on the federal, state and local levels, have been able to protect a historically significant property associated with the battle of Forts Henry and Donelson in 1862."

The National Park Service is planning events to celebrate the preservation of the site and its inclusion into Fort Donelson National Battlefield. The community is invited to help with these efforts, including an observance of the 145th anniversary of the Battle for Forts Heiman, Henry and Donelson, which will take place from February 6th to February 16th. 

Additional meetings and programs to engage the citizens of Calloway County in developing a vision and strategies for the future of Fort Heiman will be conducted throughout the winter.

Contact park historian Jimmy Jobe at 931-232-5706 extension 106 for additional information. To view the complete boundary adjust study and environmental assessment, visit the Fort Donelson National Battlefield’s website at and click on the boundary adjustment quick link.


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