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Flooding Closes Park, Causes Major Damage

Coronado National Memorial

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The park sustained heavy damage when more than eight inches of rain fell on the surrounding area last Sunday night and Monday morning. Parts of a paved road were washed away and the unpaved road to Montezuma Pass was made impassable by boulders and other debris. According to superintendent Kym Hall, an estimated "several millions (of dollars)" will be needed to repair the facility. "It's bad, we got wiped out," Hall said. A trail to the popular cave area and another well-used path were also lost as rain pushed debris down the mountainous terrain. Large trees and mud filled the picnic area and the park's potable water system was destroyed. The park has accordingly been closed. An engineering study will be needed to determine how much work will have to be done before the it can reopen. Debris was being removed on Monday by park staff and a small group of soldiers from the Kentucky Army National Guard. The soldiers of the 201st Engineering Battalion's Headquarters Company were heading through the park to go over Montezuma Pass to work on a project for the U.S. Border Patrol on the west side of the Huachuca Mountains. Since they couldn’t get past the visitor center, they asked for and received permission to help the park's small staff.


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