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Significant Section of Monument Falls to Ground

Perry's Victory and International Peace Memorial

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On the evening of June 22nd, a piece of granite facing stone weighing about 500 pounds from the monument column fell onto the upper plaza of Perry's Victory and International Peace Memorial. It fell from the southeast side of the observation deck at the 317 foot level and broke into a number of smaller pieces, also shattering the plaza floor. The granite piece measured about three feet by four feet by eight inches. While the event was witnessed or “heard”, no one was injured.  The monument was already closed for the day and the scene was secured for public safety and to prevent collectors from removing evidence of the event.  It will remain closed until further notice. The monument has since been evaluated by regional staff, architects and engineers. The initial inspection included viewing, photographing and physically inspecting the monument and plaza and researching archived construction and repair project documents. A report is being prepared. The monument may open again this summer, but special events will likely be moved elsewhere on the memorial grounds. The July 29th Cardinal Chorale afternoon concert,  the July 1st Firelands’ Symphony evening concert, and the July 4th naturalization ceremony have all been moved to other locations.


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