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Sentencing in Poaching Case

Harpers Ferry National Historical Park

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Ranger Tim Morrison was conducting a poaching patrol at School House Ridge South Battlefield just before 7 a.m. last Thanksgiving when he heard several gunshots and saw two men wearing camouflage and carrying long arms. Ranger Robert Baker backed up Morrison and the two men were taken into custody. One was identified as Robert Lee Lanham, 23, a convicted felon;  the other was a juvenile. At the time, Lanham was wearing an NPS fleece jacket with an arrowhead patch on the left sleeve. Investigators determined that the jacket had been stolen from a park maintenance worker two months earlier at the same location (it had been hung on a fence while the employee worked). The juvenile reported that Lanham intended to impersonate a protection ranger and confiscate weapons from other poachers that they might contact that morning. On January 18th, Morrison and an ATF special agent testified before a federal grand jury in Martinsburg, West Virginia. The grand jury indicted Lanham on charges of being a felon in possession of a firearm and of impersonating an officer. On March 27th, Lanham entered into a plea agreement with the government and pled guilty to the first charge. On June 20th, Lanham was sentenced to 18 months in federal prison with no possibility of early release.


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