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Felony Breaking and Entering

Guilford Courthouse National Military Park

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At 10 minutes after midnight on June 7th, glass break alarms and motion/entry alarms went off at the front entrance of the visitor center and museum, sending out notifications to park staff. Rangers and Greensboro City PD officers soon arrived at the building and found that the glass entrance door had been shattered, spreading glass both inside and outside of the building. The park’s donation box was found turned over on its side. A perimeter was set up around the building and canine units were summoned. The dog teams arrived and the building was searched and secured. Meanwhile, three men were seen running away from the area into the nearby woods, so additional officers were called in. Shortly thereafter, three out-of-breath men were spotted behind a business on Battleground Avenue, about a mile from the crime scene. They were detained, separated, and questioned as to why they were in the area. There were inconsistencies in their replies. Meanwhile, the dogs tracked the scent of the burglars from the crime scene along a city greenway that connects to park trails and to the location where the three men were being detained. At this point, all three confessed to taking part in the crime and were arrested and charged with felony breaking and entering. Although several attempts had been made to pry open the donation box during the break-in , they were unsuccessful.


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