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Attempted Suicide; Rescue

Harpers Ferry National Historical Park

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On the afternoon of June 2nd, rangers and emergency responders in Jefferson County. West Virginia, were notified of an injured person at the base of Loudoun Heights (part of Harpers Ferry National Historical Park) on the shoulder of Highway 340.  Initial reports were confused about whether the victim had been struck by a car or if he had fallen off the mountainside. Rangers assisted in the treatment and packaging of the patient, who had suffered a significant head injury, facial trauma and multiple abrasions and avulsions on his legs and torso. The rangers were able to quickly determine that the victim had fallen and could trace his fall line through the brush and debris on the hillside. A ranger found his wallet in his pants and suicide notes to his wife and parents. The information was passed on to the medics. The park is an area of concurrent jurisdiction and rangers investigated the incident with Loudoun County Sheriff’s Department officers. A ranger ascended the area adjacent to the fall line and documented the fall. He was also able to collect additional personal effects that the man had left at the site that he jumped from. The fall was approximately 200 feet down a steep wooded slope covered with rocks and brush.


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