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Explore the story of the Johnstown Flood and leave your gas gauge where it is…

Johnstown Flood National Memorial

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Allow the National Park Service to escort you throughout the Conemaugh Valley. A special four hour tour will be offered each Saturday, from June 11 to August 20, starting at 12:00 noon. The tour will start at the visitor center of Johnstown Flood National Memorial, where the ruins of the South Fork Dam are preserved, and where a chilling film recreates the horrors of May 31, 1889. The tour continues to the Club House of the South Fork Fishing and Hunting Club, where men with names like Carnegie and Frick recreated in the 1880s.

The tour then continues into Johnstown, where visitors will have the opportunity to visit a house that represents the whole of Johnstown history, the newly-restored Wagner-Ritter House and Garden. After seeing some of the buildings that survived the Flood of 1889, and after an optional ride on the slowest roller coaster in the world (the Inclined Plane), visitors will be escorted through Grandview Cemetery, where victims and survivors from all three major Johnstown Floods rest for eternity.

The trip concludes with a visit onto the ruins of the South Fork Dam, where visitors will have the opportunity to reflect on all they had experienced during the day.

The van transportation is free…the only charges are for the entrance fee at the Flood Memorial and the fare at the Inclined Plane. Because the van has limited space, interested persons are asked to call (814)495-4643 for reservations.


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