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Experience a piece of the Gilded Age by visiting the Club House while at Johnstown Flood National Memorial

Johnstown Flood National Memorial

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Although the South Fork Fishing and Hunting club wasn’t “open” for the season yet in 1889 when the disaster of May 31 happened, there were many employees and locals there who watched the disaster unfold before their eyes. One can only imagine the conversations held in or near the Club House after it was all over at the South Fork Dam, as they wondered what was happening down the valley.

Visitors will have the opportunity to visit the Club House of the South Fork Club during the summer season. The building is being donated to the National Park Service by the Friends of Johnstown Flood National Memorial. Volunteers from the Friends group will staff the Club House so that visitors will be able to experience this important piece of the Flood story. While in the Club House, visitors can learn why the Pittsburgh families loved the Allegheny Mountains, and can view a film explaining the grandeur of the Club.

As the Club House will be staffed by volunteers, it will not be open when a volunteer is not available. It is best to call the visitor center ahead of the visit, at (814)495-4643, or inquire while at the visitor center.


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