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Special Event: First Lady Visits Park

Mesa Verde National Park

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First Lady Laura Bush visited Mesa Verde National Park from May 23rd to May 26th to help the park celebrate its centennial and to vacation in the park with her close friends. The official event took place in Long House, the park’s second largest cliff dwelling. Approximately 200 invitees attended. The event celebrated Mesa Verde’s livelihood, its placement as the first cultural national park in the nation, and its place in education and protecting and interpreting Native American culture and heritage. The First Lady and her companions enjoyed the park by visiting several pristine cliff dwellings and hiking in the backcountry. Tours of the park’s research center and library were also organized for the First Lady and her friends. The National Park Service was tasked with assisting the Secret Service and the White House Communications Agency during the visit.  An in-park incident management team was established to run the event. Approximately 45 people were assigned to the event, including 15 law enforcement rangers and eight members of Intermountain Region’s special events team.  In reality, though, every employee in the park had a hand in making the First Lady’s visit a complete success.


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