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Safety Hazard Reporting System

White Sands National Monument

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You—as one of our visitors—are extremely important to us at White Sands National Monument. Along with our employees, you are the people most directly affected by the presence of safety hazards in the park. Very often visitors to White Sands National Monument are the first to encounter a safety hazard. The National Park Service needs and wants your help. Have you ever been somewhere in the park and noticed a hazardous condition that could result in injury? Have you ever wondered to whom to report it so the particular hazard can be corrected?

Through the White Sands National Monument's Safety Hazard Reporting System visitors can quickly and conveniently report safety hazards through email to the Park Safety Officer.

To report a safety hazard click on the WHSA Hazard Reporting System link below, or address and email to "". Please be specific in your message describing the hazard, location of the hazard, and any other pertinent information

Every report will be reviewed when received. The hazard will then be stabilized or resolved depending on the nature of the hazard and the scope of the remedy. You are encouraged to provide contact information in the body of your email in case more information is needed to locate and/or fix the problem. As the park addresses your report, you will be kept apprised of the actions to stabilize or mitigate the hazard.

If you encounter any problems with the WHSA hazard reporting system and need assistance please contact the Park Safety Officer at (505) 679 - 2599 ext. 221.

If you encounter a life-threatening emergency while visiting the park, please go to the nearest phone and dial 911.

Thank you for making White Sands National Monument safer for everyone!



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