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AIR - Artist-In-Residence Program

Mesa Verde National Park

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For Release: Immediate

Contact: Tessy Shirakawa

Phone: 970-529-4628

Mesa Verde Announces Centennial Artist-In-Residence Program

Mesa Verde National Park is proud to announce implementation of the Artist-In-Residence (AIR) program. This program provides accomplished writers, composers, and visual and performing artists the opportunity to pursue their particular art form while being surrounded by the inspiring ancient architecture of the Ancestral Pueblo People and the sweeping natural landscape of the park. The park provides a historic, rustic residence to selected participants for 4 two-week periods:

  • June 1st through June 16th
  • October 2nd through October 17th
  • October 18th through October 31st
  • November1st through November 15th

All participants will be required to attend a short orientation session before being allowed to enter backcountry areas. Also, participants will be required to be a National Park Service ?Volunteer-In-Park? (VIP) during their residency. No stipend is provided. Participants in the Artist-In-Residence program will find the cabin fully furnished including linens and kitchenware.

In return, participating artists are asked to donate to the park an original piece of work from, and representative of, their residency and present a public program during their residency.

Entries are accepted for the 2006 Program with postmarks dated March 15 through April 30, 2006 . Applications postmarked after the deadline will not be considered. Notifications of finalists will be made by May 15, 2006 .
For further information about this exciting program and application forms, please contact Frank Cope, AIR Program Coordinator at 970-529-4607, or write


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