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Climbing Management Plan Review

City Of Rocks National Reserve

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City of Rocks National Reserve has begun the process of revising the 1998 Climbing Management Plan. The purpose of revising the plan is to incorporate new operational procedures and best management practices since the plan was approved eight years ago.

On January 18-19, an interdisciplinary team representing the National Park Service (NPS) and the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation (IDPR) met in Boise to review the 1998 plan. Minutes from that meeting, as well as a copy of the Climbing Management Plan are available on this website under "Management Docs." Hardcopies are also available upon request.

The team identified 13 changes or issues to be addressed in the 2006 Revised Climbing Management Plan. All interested parties are invited to comment on these issues or provide additional changes or issues that are important. The climbing management plan should reflect the best implementation strategies for managing this recreational use in a unit of the National Park System. Protecting natural and cultural resources are the highest mandate as directed by the Reserve?s enabling legislation and current Comprehensive Management Plan; however, climbing has been determined to be a compatible recreational activity at City of Rocks. Your views on how the NPS and IDPR manage climbing at the Reserve are important to both agencies.

Intyerested parties should provide comment on issues to be addressed in the revised plan by March 31, 2006. After these issues are compiled, City of Rocks National Reserve personnel will draft the revised plan. This draft will be sent to all interested parties as the preferred alternative of the Climbing Management Plan Environmental Assessment. The public will be provided 60 days to comment on the draft, after which park staff will incorporate those changes and request a decision by the NPS Pacific West Regional Director to approve the plan or begin a formal Environmental Impact Statement.

To provide written comment or acquire additional information, please write Superintendent; PO Box 169; Almo, ID 83312, or email


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