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Through the Eyes of York: Lewis and Clark, February 13, at Omaha, Nebraska

Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail

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Bobby Norfolk portrays York in this one man theatrical program. Arrayed in historical costume, Mr. Norfolk tells the fascinating story of York's long struggle towards freedom. He begins with York?s early life as an enslaved person, and continues with his experiences during the long and dangerous expedition, his return to the crushing realities of enslavement following the trip, and finally the problems and controversies raised by his emancipation.

We also see how an enslaved person came to interact with the white enlisted men in the party as an equal, earned the respect and awe of many of the Plains Indians, and finally gained unofficial recognition as a full fledged member of the Corps through his equal participation in a critical election. ?York?s life is a poignant reminder that the Lewis and Clark Expedition was rife with the moral, social, and economic contradictions of manifest destiny, chattel slavery, and the promises of a young nation espousing democracy for all,? said Steve Adams, Superintendent of the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail. ?It is a small but significant chapter in the American struggle to reconcile those differences. It is also an opportunity to ask ourselves whether those promises have been achieved and, if not, how we, individually, can help.?

American Sign Language interpretation is available; please arrange for this by contacting us in advance.


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