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The Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail and the National Park Serive would like to invite the public to attend a new series of Ranger programs at no charge during the month of January 2006. Each 45 minute program starts at 12 Noon in the Carl T. Curtis Building, 601 Riverfront Drive, Omaha, Nebraska. American Sign Language Interpretation is available, please arrange by contacting us two weeks in advance.
12 Noon, Wednesday January 11 - Passage through the Garden
Lewis and Clark came here by river and saw this land as a garden of Eden. The "garden" really was the gardens of the Oto, Arikara, Mandan and Hidatsa - the American Indian farmers who lived by the Missouri River. Ranger Linda Plock will discuss some of the native agricultural methods and products that helped the Corps of Discovery survive two hundred years ago.
12 Noon, Tuesday January 17 - Two Voyages of Discovery: Comparing Lewis and Clark with Columbus
At some point much of today's literature about the Lewis and Clark Expedition gets around to describing the venture as "one of history's great voyages of discovery." Some observers have wondered out loud just how these lionized American explorers really stack up against such historic giants as Columbus, Magellan, Cook and others. In this talk Dr. Carl Camp will make side-by-side commparisons of the Lewis and Clark Expedition with Christopher Columbus's first voyage of discovery. The similarities and differences may surprise you!
12 Noon, Wednesday January 25 - Bison: The Mobile Department Store
Before modern shopping centers appeared, American Plains Indians relied on the bounty of the land for their survival. The Bison - or American buffalo - represented "one-stop-shopping" for so many of their needs. Ranger Pearl Reddix will discuss some of the ways the Plains Indians used this most important animal and how the Lewis & Clark Expedition members also learned to rely on it.
12 Noon, Tuesday January 31 - Through the Drive-Thru with Lewis & Clark
There were times two hundred years ago when each member of the Lewis and Clark Expedition ate at least eight pounds of meat. So without any restaurants - let alone fast-food diners - how did the crew manage to consume enough? Ranger Katie Ranniger (who can eat that much in a day herself) will discuss the various food sources along the Lewis & Clark Trail.


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